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Little Ducky Pond

In the pond, little duckies are encouraged to move their little bodies and engage their scientific minds in a language rich environment. Your baby is constantly engaged by songs, stories, and human contact. As our duckies grow and reach milestones, we give them opportunities to explore and offer our hands as a guide. Duckies will begin to flap their wings while teachers observe their curiosities and praise their interactions. Parents will receive consistent updates and of their child’s day, highlighting development and play-based experiences. We keep our pond as cozy, bright and nurturing as home.

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Tadpole Lake

Tadpoles actively explore practicing their newfound mobility, problem solving with meaning and communicating with words. In our tadpole lake, they express their emotions through imaginative play and learn to empathize with storybook characters. Teachers provide a model and encourage pro social behaviors. Parents will hear an explosion of words and see an emerging artist and personality. We encourage tadpoles to be here, there and everywhere.

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Dragonfly River

Dragonfly’s are quick and clever. They are excited to practice and build on emerging competencies and develop new skills. With in the Montessori inspired framework of each class room small groups are planned daily and tailored to engage each child at their developmental level. Dragonflies develop friendships, and establish a sense of self. They are eager to share their adventures and wonderings with others. Teachers establish order and togetherness through positive reinforcement and the expectation of kindness.
Activities are experiential, exploratory and intentional; teaching is in the context of everyday activities and for authentic purposes. Parents will watch logical thinking, story-telling and multi-step problem-solving abilities unfold in their Dragonfly.

Bullfrogs (Ages 3-5) details coming soon.